The Sartorialist Book

Via The Sartorialist:

It will be published by Penguin and be around 500 pages of images with a little writing.

I have received many offers in the past about doing a book, but I held back until I felt the right offer was at hand. This was the right offer. 

The main reason I feel so excited about this project is that Penguin will publish the book in paperback, and a special limited-edition “bespoke” version simultaneously. This was very important to me because as a photographer I wanted a beautiful book to showcase my images – but I didn’t want to do just another expensive coffee table book that would be too expensive for many of my readers. I think this creative method will be the best of both worlds. 

The publishing date, as it stands now, is September 2009 – and will include a small book tour in cities like London, Paris, Dublin, a few cities in Australia, and a few cities in the US.

I love checking out his blog and seeing all the people he photographs around the world, mostly Milan, Paris, and New York. Above is one of my favorite of his photographs featuring a lady on a bike in Milan. It’s nice being able to take a peek at what other big cities are wearing out and about with just the click of a button to The Sartorialist’s Blog. The simple layout of it is appealing which helps too. Hopefully the book will be similarly styled.


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